World Book Day

So it was World book day yesterday. I got a bit confused because of the time difference here and almost missed it entirely which is why this post is late. (For those of you who don’t know, I live in China now)

So here is a list of books on/about China that I have downloaded to read for the year that’s in it:

The Journey to the West Wild Swans: Three Daughters of China The Travels of Marco Polo Romance of the Three Kingdoms




I’ve provided Amazon links but a lot of these books, especially the older ones, are available for free on project gutenberg and it’s completely legal.

I haven’t read any yet but I’ll try to review them as I do, I think I’ve got a decent selection of fiction, non-fiction, modern and older texts but feel free to leave recommendations in the comments. Hope everyone had a fantastic World Book Day!

Halloween Reads

A brief summary of some of my literary halloween exploits


book-cover-dracula-2 A classic and for a very good reason. I don’t usually like classics but this is a very thrilling suspenseful read. I bought a simple English version of it to read with my English as a Foreign Language students and they seem to love it, so much so that today some of them dressed up as characters from the book and acted out scenes with multiple Draculas, a Mina, a Lucy and many unsuspecting victims (no one wanted to be Van Helsing for some reason)

The Bram Stoker Festival has concluded but the events I went to were amazing. On Friday I saw an open air screening of the 1930’s Dracula in Meeting House Square. The atmosphere was excellent and the§ provided blankets for the cold. On Sunday myself and my boyfriend went to a gothic romance themed banquet in the crypts of Christ Church Cathedral. The décor, the food, everything was amazing. I’ve never eaten so many blood themed dishes (and also a pigeon).

The Call of Cthulhu

I received a wonderful birthday present of the Necronomicon from some wonderful IMAG0319friends who know me far too well. I flicked through it and read a few stories, they’re a lot creepier when they’re in a proper leather-bound tome compared to my battered old Penguin classics paperback.

There’s not much I can say about it in such a short review other than read it, read it now! What are you still doing here? And when you’ve finished go and listen to this podcast.

Death Note

Death Note the Black edition, Vol. 1I’ve seen the manga and recently started collecting the black edition because it’s goth and cool (goths are still cool, right?) The Manga is awesome, the comics are just as awesome, the TV show was surprisingly faithful to them so far. It’s a great concept, very suspenseful, very complex games within games kind of suspense. The only negative thing I have to say bout it is that it get a lot less interesting just after halfway through when the show jumps forward a few years and one of the characters leaves.

Click Clack the Rattlebag

This is a short story released by Neil Gaiman as part of the festival he invented ‘All download (1)Hallows Read‘ where people exchange scary books for halloween. it was only released in audio format and I think that;s for the best. The slow build of tension works really well when you can’t control the pace of the story and rather than sitting and reading you have to take a passive role, sit back, listen and let the story surround you (much like the main character in ‘Click Clack the Rattlebag’)

I’ve never been a fan of Gaiman’s novels but his short stories rarely disappoint


Listening: Marilyn Manson, Rob Zombie

Watching: Psycho, The Shining, Cabin in the Woods, the new Dracula TV series

Playing: Limbo, Amnesia: The Dark Descent

Book Launch

My class is finally launching the print version of our anthology this Thursday. everybody is invited:

On the night there will be wine (lots of that), readings (plenty – everyone is reading a 2 minute section from their piece in the collection), finger food (some of that), and Paul Murray! (there can only be one)

Everything will be going down in the Printing House in Trinity College, which is very good at hiding in plain sight so here is a map:

And if you just can’t wait until Thursday our ebook is available on and for the very reasonable price tag of $4.91. My short story, “Mrs. Culann’s Dog”, is the first in this collection therefore the first half of it is free as part of amazon’s first chapter samples deal, so please give it a go.

Public Reading at Cúirt

So it’s been awhile since I posted (I know, I know, don’t look at me like that). As cheeky as it might be to not post for ages and then do some self-promo here we are, at this intersection of business and cheekiness.

My class is launching their anthology at the Town Hall bar in Galway tomorrow evening (Sat 28th April) at 5pm. I will be reading from my short story “Mrs Culann’s Dog.” And to make up for the aforementioned cheekiness there will be free wine on the night! How about that now? Everybody is welcome to attend, we have plenty of wine and readings from a great variety of writing styles planned. Nuala Ní Chonchúir will be launching A Thoroughly Good Blue.

Next week I will start posting again about other stuff – mainly writing and reading as usual – and hopefully I’ll have a good explanation for my absence. Ta ta for now!