Writing Related Procrastination

I admit that these activities are only very tangentially related to writing but they’re two rather simple websites I’ve found that will give you incredibly true vital statistics about your work in progress that could change the course of your writing career



Lulu Titlescorer

It tells you the statistical likelihood of your novel becoming a bestseller based on the title alone. It also kindly points out a lot of it’s failures (Twilight only scored 36%) just so you know it’s authentic, fake programmes would never admit failure, right?

Rapeseed scored 63.7% and The Waiting Place only scored 10.2%. I guess that means it will fail, oh noes!

Media Bistro has loads of other procrastination tools writing aids to check out


This creates word art with your MS based on the frequency each word is used. You can specify the colours, the font and other time wasting things like that. Here’s a randomised one I did for Rapeseed:

It’s also pretty handy for spotting any words you might be over using unconsciously, so it’s practically research! I could probably go back and cut out quite a lot of similes to downsize ‘like’ in this draft.

Go forth and procrastinate!

Preliminary illustration for ‘Rapeseed’

My little younger sister sketched this the other day. She hasn’t finished reading Rapeseed yet but in the space of five minutes (no exaggeration) she doodled this. I got really excited and took a picture with my phone to put up here so I apologise for the poor picture quality. In a few minutes she summed up something that took me a year to write. Fantastic, no?

I love the way there are so few details on Eithne, my main character. I love the way the number 5 is falling away and the whole clock face is crumbling beneath her even though it’s the only thing that’s supporting her. I love how simple and graphic it is.  I have begun the query process with Rapeseed and The Waiting Place is well underway so having solid details like this help to remind that Rapeseed is still fairly new and fresh and I get excited all over again.

I’ll post more when she finishes it. Meghan won’t let me link to her Deviant Art account because she claims the stuff she posts there isn’t good enough, but I’ll back her up in saying that this is just a fraction of what she can do. You should see her Johnny Depp portraits! (And she’s almost six years younger than me, sickening when the young ‘uns are this talented isn’t it?)