Christmas Existential Angst (AKA the nativity reborn)

So I’m in the throes of my final edit (scary days ahead), I just thought I’d drop in and share two of my favourite stories that explore what the holiday season is all about: The birth of Santa!

I kid, I kid, but these are somewhat non-traditional stories about old St. nick, enjoy

Nicholas Was… by Neil Gaiman.

I’m very tempted to side step the whole ‘telling your kids the truth about Santa thing’ by just reading them this as a bedtime story one christmas eve. It’s a really short story/poem but for those of you who don’t like following links here is a reading of it:

And here Gift of Ages by JohnSu

feel free to link to your own favourite Christmas Stories in the comments, even ones you’ve written yourself, I need to get rid of my Curmudgeonly Scrooge-like sensibilities before Sunday

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  1. I’m going to blatantly ignore the fact that this was posted closer to Christmas and it is now February, because I just now got around to checking out your blog. Gift of Ages has been one of my favorite Christmas videos for a while. Nicholas Was is actually a new one to me, which is surprising considering how much I read of Neil Gaiman. It just proves that for all that we have seen and read, there is always more to learn. Very nice, very nice indeed.

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