Short Stories Incubator published in “Banshee Lit” November 2016. Reprinted in Autonomy April 2018. Omega published in “The Queen’s Head.” October 2015. Smithereens Longlisted for the Over the Edge New Writer’s Prize. September 2015. Symposium published in “Literary Orphans.” April 2014. The Ballad of Mr. Bones published in Coping by Not one of Us. January 2014. Mrs Culann’s Dog published in A Thoroughly Good Blue: New Writing From the Oscar Wilde Centre.  May 2012.
  • eBook: $4.91 – The first half of my story is part of the free sample. I was Associate Editor and Webmaster for this collection.
  • There is a free download of me reading my story on
Symposium Longlisted for the RTÉ Guide/Penguin Ireland Short Story Award August 2012. Poetry ‘Revelations’, ‘The Itch’ Sentinel. Nov 2011. ‘Matador’, ‘Confession Box’, ‘The Night the Heat Ran Out’ The Spaces Between: Collected Poems. 2010. Academic “A Move Towards the Posthuman: The Performance of Androgynous Characters in Popular Music” presented at the DRHEA undergraduate Conference 2011. “Does the Truth Set you Free? Imagination as a Narrative Trope in The Butcher Boy and In America”  presented at the 1st annual DRHEA undergraduate Conference 2010.

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