So, Considering I’m only two weeks away from holding a finished draft in my hands, I thought I’d take this opportunity to explain at least a little bit of what I’ve been at.

My work in progress is a novel set in Cold War Ireland form the point of view of a twelve-year-old girl called Eithne.

When she was little her Father burned her face to ward off the Changelings and now she believes they are coming for her again. The changelings were fairies who would kidnap human children and leave fairies in their place. She has a tough enough life, she has scars from the night her Father burned her, her Mother drinks in secret, her Father is cold and distant, favouring her brothers over her, and her Granddad fills her head with stories of myth and magic. Strange things keep happening around her but no-one else believes. Eithne is terrified that the fairies are returning and this time they will succeed in taking her.

This novel was originally called 'Changeling' but Clint Eastwood stole that...

I’ve commissioned/bullied my little sister into doing some artwork for it, cover art, illustrations etc. which I’ll post up whenever she finishes them. I’ll also start posting teasers soon. In about two weeks this draft should be finished, all my editing (hopefully) should be done by Christmas…

Diary of an English student

Well here is my blog. Welcome, come in, wipe your feet and grab a beer.

I’m going into final year of my BA in the National University of  Ireland Maynooth. That means a big-ass dissertation/creative writing project, a lot of essays and severe curtailing of my xbox time. My minor subject is Greek and Roman Civilisation, much more relaxed but English is still my favourite. I love that feeling of emptiness I get after finishing a really good book, like there’s something missing now that you don’t have that book to read anymore. I want to be an author and I hope some day something I write will leave people feeling like that. This blog is basically going to be about my experiences studying english in Maynooth and english in general. I’ll post discussions on interesting things I’ve learned or noticed, reviews of the odd book I get time to read that’s not on the course (or ones on the course I particularly enjoyed), explorations of the essay topics I’ll be given, bits and pieces about writing and my experience of writing.

This move was prompted by a friend’s blog,  he reviews YA fiction and posts teasers from his intriguing novel and I’ve decided to jump on the bandwagon. I started a novel at the beginning of summer that I intend to submit for my final year creative writing project and have only squeezed out a few thousand words. Hopefully the obligation to post to the faceless internet might push me to stay focused and write more frequently.

That’s the theory anyway…