Maynooth (Epic) Writers group

So a friend of mine started a writers group in Maynooth recently. We’re hoping to get a blog and a facebook page set up eventually and possibly an online critique system but for the minute I’ll just explain what it is.

Anyone is allowed attend and we critique each others creative writing. You don’t need to be attending the college, no restrictions on age, genre, ability etc. There are other groups in Maynooth but the Literary and Debating society is only for students and we’ve heard of a group that meets in Carton House but is really only for pretty serious published author’s. You don’t even have to be from Maynooth to come, it’s just a convenient, central enough location with lots of free rooms we can use.

All kinds of writing are welcome, from poetry to short stories to novels to screenplays to graphic novels/comics to song lyrics to videogame or rpg scripts… you get the picture

We’ve met twice so far and things have gone well. Bring copies of your writing for people to read (Or you can read aloud) and we each take a turn reading our own stuff, critiquing others and debating issues such as the difficulties of getting published or feminism on the Irish writing scene. We might eventually hold events if we can get any funding, and last time we met up was extremely casual and informal as it was the end of exams for a lot of us so we met in a local pub. I didn’t have time to write anything new but I still got ideas from a few of the people there and I looked several creative Writing drinking games (which I’ll post later).


So basically is you write at all and live within commuting distance of Maynooth come along, we meet every few weeks and I’ll post details of the next meeting as soon as it’s organised