A Cautionary note on “Historical” Fiction

There is one important word in the phrase ‘Historical Fiction.’ Clue: That word is NOT ‘Historical.’ If you want to learn history pick up a text-book, or a first hand account, or watch a documentary. Historical Fiction is fiction, first and foremost. I won’t deny that some historical fiction novels are extremely accurate while others […]

REVIEW: ‘Ship of Rome’ by John Stack

Ship of Rome: Masters of the Sea 1 by John Stack 7 out of 10 I first read about Stack when an account of him writing this series about the Punic wars and getting a Harper Collins three book deal was published in the Irish Independent. However I’ve been unable to get a copy of it […]

REVIEW: ‘Attila’ by William Napier

Attila: The end of the world will come from the East by William Napier 2 out of 10 I recently completed a module on the Later Roman Empire called Christians, Barbarians and the Fall of Rome. Roughly 4 months of lectures, study, exams, essay and there was not one mention of Attila the Hun. I […]