Catch up

So I was sick for most of last week, which means I didn’t write anything at all and had to forfeit €50 (That I don’t have). I’m behind on my reading now too and I was also desperately attempting to find a job, I found volunteer work instead which isn’t quite the same but it all goes on the CV anyways. (If anyone has any ideas on how to teach art to people in wheelchairs some of whom have intellectual disabilities I’d be much obliged, even just ideas for paintings or something, I’ve never taught art before)

So, In a desperate attempt to win back my €50 I’m trying to catch up on my wordcount, meaning I should have 62,000 words by Sunday evening, all things going to plan. So that means I’ll be too busy to post anything this week either, but next week I have some plans.

This blog is going to get bigger, badder, with 10% more explosions (10% of zero is zero, right?). I’m trying to register a new address, because this one is a bit obscure, and I have countless drafts of posts that I haven’t had the time to finish which will go up soon. Maybe I’ll even have time to get reading again. So keep an eye out in the coming weeks, I haven’t dropped off the face of the earth just yet…