I am technologically illiterate


This is awkward… What’s it been, like, 6 months? You’re looking well… How’s your family?

I took a hiatus from the blog in order to buy my own URL and get it up and running as my own website. Due to extreme incompetence on my part  this took forever. I had to enlist a techie friend to help and even then I couldn’t get the url I wanted. But I’ve grown to love my hyphen. Much like the misunderstood semi-colon, this faithful punctuation mark is a constant companion in my literary woes.

Little things ended up being far more complicated than I thought they would be, then I had to gussy up my novel to submit to agents (still waiting to hear back from three of them) and then real life intervened in a spectacularly dramatic fashion and I’m only getting the writing back on track now. So I resolve that posts will be semi-reliable from here on out

Some quick updates:

I am now writing for Three Monkeys Online and have an article on Flann O’Brien and an interview with Mary Costello up with two more articles waiting in the wings.

I also did a CELTA course to teach English as a foreign language so should be spending more time up in the Big Smoke. It also means I’m a certified Grammar Nazi

Heil Spellcheck

I passed my Masters in Creative Writing and have been working on shorter fiction for the past while. The Waiting Place is wallowing because the beautiful temptress of a new novel keeps dancing in my peripheral vision. I will launch a new onslaught on it and aim to have a draft finished in May.

That’s about it. So… fancy a pint?