New address

So this has moved to a new address because frankly is just too awkward and hard to remember. I made it up on the spot because I was too lazy to really think hard about it. This is also a bit of shameless self-promotion in a bid to help get my name out there and possibly network with agents and publishers and really lend some small help to getting that coveted publishing contract.

For awhile I’ve been thinking of buying my own domain ( but the process was a bit awkward. Most sites I encountered, due to some bizarre clause in some obscure act,  will publish all your personal details online as soon as you do this. Also almost every permutation of my name was already taken (for weird sites that don’t really seem to be about anything, not that I’m bitter).

And then I ran out of money.

I recently moved into a new flat in Dublin, still one of the most expensive cities you can live in, just got back from a holiday that was made more expensive by an out of date passport and just received and unnecessarily costly reading list for college.

So I really don’t want to sign up to an annual fee right now for my own domain. I’m sticking with WordPress for better or for worse for the meantime only this way hopefully it will be easier for people to find this site now.

Normal (or more frequent) posting shall resume shortly…