Weaver was a NaNoWriMo novel (the only NaNoWriMo novel I have finished to date within the designated time frame). It is the first in a trilogy of low-level fantasy novels set in a world with an industrial revolution level of technology.

The Blurb is pending, after some editing.

Opening Lines

Children aren’t taught to fear the dark. No-one has to be taught. Yet everyone does, sometimes we grow out of it. Mostly we don’t. We bury it deep. We suppress this fear that kept us alive for so long. It becomes dulled, useless, so that when we are confronted with the endless terrors of the night, we don’t know what to do. We scoff. We laugh. We dismiss them. This is the civilised thing to do.

But, when we know none of our peers are looking, we latch the door, we light an extra lamp, we sleep with our heads away from the door, we say prayers and we hope. We hope to god that we outgrew this fear because it was no longer useful to us. Because there really is nothing to fear.